Friday, November 18, 2011

Peppers #3

Well as you can see I am still in love with peppers. I now have friends keeping an eye out for the unusual. The huge green pepper was a gift from a friend. I don't know if it was truly a green pepper or just an unripened orange pepper. It eventually turned  totally orange, but more of a reddish orange than the orange that is in the painting. The two purple peppers were the most unusual color, again a gift from another pepper lover.

One of the fun things that I have been doing with these paintings, is continuing the painting on the sides of the canvas.  I have been painting on gallery wrapped canvases that are 1-1/2' thick.  When I was painting Peppers #1, I continued painting the peppers down the sides of the canvas. The nice thing about these canvases is that they do not have to be framed and in the past I would continue the back ground color along the sides. These canvases have a 3 dimensional look to them when viewed from an angle. Something a little different and quite a conversation piece.

I have just finished 3 more pepper paintings and am waiting for them to dry enough to take photo's. I think they are the last of the pepper paintings for a while. The produce section of the grocery store is a treasure trove of painting subject to explore!!

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  1. I absolutely love this painting!! It is a wonderful composition and the way you rendered the subject in a very "painterly" way. So nice!!