Tuesday, June 4, 2013


This is a portrait of a Elliot, a Bernese Mountain dog, who "works" at Cobber's Pet Pantry. He greats the customers who come in the door with a vigorous wag of the tail and a friendly grin. Cobber's is a great new addition to our community.  They carry top of the line holistic and healthy food for pets, plus a very talented groomer on staff, and a self service washing area for pets. They will be doing dog training classes and seminars on healthy feeding. Now if you had asked me 6 months ago about what good food for Elvis and Albert I would have named a top of the line pet food I purchased at the local grocery store. Four months ago Elvis was diagnosed with a very rapid cancer, the vet said we could try surgery and chemo but with this type of cancer chances were slim. I made the choice not to put Elvis through that, but would attempt another course of action. The internet has a lot of information to go through but it was well worth the time. My friend Rick found a holistic Dr. and he prescribed several holistic medications. Elvis has lived several months beyond what the original vet thought he would, and as of this last Monday, the tumor is now half the size it was and he is doing very well!! Now back to Cobber's, they carry the foods that have attributed to Elvis's good health. Even Albert has been switched over, and has lost a much needed few pounds and gained a beautiful coat.

Elliot works with Cobber, meeting and greeting customers at the store, over and above their enthusiastic greeting it is well worth the time to visit Cobber's Pet Pantry if you have a cat or dog you care about.