Saturday, October 22, 2011

Peppers 1
Grocery shopping has become much more exciting of late. Not being one of my favorite things to do, it has always been a dash in, grab, and get out the door. One very early morning I rolled my cart into the produce section as they were unloading boxes of peppers in every color imaginable. They were fresh, at the peak of their existence. I was captured!! I have since traveled to farmers markets, vegetable stands and grocery stores around the Puget Sound area. At times some of the stores personnel wondered what I was doing as I went through the entire pile of peppers to find the exact one I was looking for, but after explaining what I was doing they joined in the hunt for the perfect peppers.

This particular painting was done on one of the beautiful sunny days this last summer gave us. My friend Nancy came by and we set up a still life on my porch. The way the sun shines through the peppers to give them a translucent effect was fun to capture. Although the set up had the peppers in a basket, I chose to only do the five pepper close up, 2 red, 2 yellow and 1 orange. 

I will be doing more peppers, the colors and shapes are wonderful!!

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