Saturday, November 26, 2011

Yellow Roses

This is one of my favorite watercolors. These flowers are from a rose bush in the front of my house, all of the flowers were on the end of one long stem. I went out in the morning and the stem was almost bent in half with the weight of the flowers. The largest flowers were about 5" across. I took several photo's of the flowers from different angles, but ended up doing the drawing for this piece from the live flowers. Unfortunately the tag from this bush is missing so I do not know the name, but it is one of the prettiest in the rose bed.

This painting is 11" tall and 13" wide on Arches #140 watercolor paper. I use Winsor Newton and Daniel Smith watercolors. It is double matted, quarter inch yellow inner and two inch dark blue outer matt.
Pepper Tree #1

Yes I am still painting peppers! My friend Rick brought me this beautiful pepper plant, perfectly shaped, loaded with peppers of every size and color. I was enchanted! All the paintings I would do were dancing in my mind, every way I turned the plant a new idea came to mind. Oh how the best laid plans of women and mice are thrown to the wind when Bad Albert is around. For those of you who do not know, Bad Albert is my cat. Now when he first came to live with me his name was just Albert, but as time has passed his name has grown to be Bad Albert, love him dearly but he really is a bad Albert. The first night the pepper tree was dumped over and all but one branch was broken off. I was able to get three 5 x 5 x 1-1/2" paintings done using the broken branches as models. 
Still using the gallery wrapped canvases that are 1-1/2" thick and continuing the painting down the sides. The first one I did like this was just an experiment but I really liked how the painting seemed to get a 3D look from an angle, so now all the pepper paintings  are done this way. I got to use every tube of red and yellow paint that I own in these pepper paintings, now how fun is that!! Hope you enjoy these pepper paintings as much as I enjoyed painting them!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Peppers #3

Well as you can see I am still in love with peppers. I now have friends keeping an eye out for the unusual. The huge green pepper was a gift from a friend. I don't know if it was truly a green pepper or just an unripened orange pepper. It eventually turned  totally orange, but more of a reddish orange than the orange that is in the painting. The two purple peppers were the most unusual color, again a gift from another pepper lover.

One of the fun things that I have been doing with these paintings, is continuing the painting on the sides of the canvas.  I have been painting on gallery wrapped canvases that are 1-1/2' thick.  When I was painting Peppers #1, I continued painting the peppers down the sides of the canvas. The nice thing about these canvases is that they do not have to be framed and in the past I would continue the back ground color along the sides. These canvases have a 3 dimensional look to them when viewed from an angle. Something a little different and quite a conversation piece.

I have just finished 3 more pepper paintings and am waiting for them to dry enough to take photo's. I think they are the last of the pepper paintings for a while. The produce section of the grocery store is a treasure trove of painting subject to explore!!