Thursday, October 10, 2013

Watercolor Class 11-15-13

What a great group of ladies in the watercolor class! Each and every one is doing a great job on their paintings. I wanted to take photo's of the finished daylily paintings this week but forgot my camera, hopefully some will be brought back to class next week. This week was a much harder project, a picatee type iris. A lot of work to get done in a 2 hour period so most of the paintings were not finished so I can't wait to see what they look like next week.

Next week we will start a painting of a very pale pink rhodie. This piece is difficult because you want to be able to keep the pale translucency of the petals, but still get enough darkness there to show dimension. Because I have not finished my painting yet I've shown you the line drawing made from the photo we will be working from. A big Thank you to Liz Reynolds who sent me this photo a few years ago. I have held on to it because I knew at some point it would make a great painting.

Next week I will remember to take my camera and get photos of the iris and hopefully at least one or two of the daylilies.

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