Thursday, April 18, 2013

Quite a bit!

I have been painting quite a bit, teaching quite a bit and learning quite a bit. My creative juices have been in overdrive the past few months and I have new work to prove it. As you can probably tell oil has been my medium of choice lately. There are many pros to working in oil, not the least of which is I love the smell! Oils seems to be the "Queen" of mediums, to the uninitiated painting in oils means you are a "real artist". All other mediums are for the "dabblers" in art. One of many reasons I like to paint in oils is that with the advent of the gallery stretched canvases there is no need to frame. That leads to an advantage for both the painter and the purchaser. The artists can price the piece without the addition of the frame cost, the buyer has the option of hanging the art without a frame or framing the piece in their taste. A win win situation for both. I really like the thicker canvases, it gives me four extra surfaces to be creative with, and I like the added dimension of the piece when it is hanging on the wall. Not to mention the availability to set the paintings on shelves or table tops without using an easel. But since Spring has hit the Pacific Northwest with beautiful blooming colors everywhere I miss my watercolors, the lightness and jewel like quality of the colors. Well I am so excited to have found a way to exhibit my watercolors without frames! It is a varnishing technique that does not damage the watercolor but in fact enhances the colors! No more frames, no more glass! The varnish made by Golden, comes in either matt or gloss so you have a choice in the way the finished product will look. I will have one finished this week and will post.

My current work is on display at the Arts Alive! Gallery, 1429 Cole Street, Enumclaw, WA. I will be demonstrating pet portrait painting at the Arts Alive! Gallery next month at the Enumclaw Summer Wine Walk on May 11, Saturday, from 5 to 9. And again at the Gallery on May 18th from 10 to 5, for the Studio Tour. June 1st I will be at the new pet store in town, Cobber's, 1549 Blake Street, in Enumclaw, again demonstrating pet portraiture.
I am doing a solo exhibit at the Town Hall in Enumclaw, August 7th thru September 4.
I also teach two classes at the Arts Alive! Gallery, Open Studio on Monday and Wednesdays from noon until 3. This is a great class because I get to work with all different mediums and projects. Artists bring in what ever they are working on and get instruction and guidance on their projects. These are on going classes.
I also teach drawing classes at Green River Community College, Enumclaw campus. This summer I will be doing a plein aire class and in the fall a drawing class and a watercolor class. 
So looks like a busy Spring and Summer!!

This is a portrait of Reeses, brother of James. (portrait up last time). I figured out the reason for his name after painting him. His under fur is the color of creamy peanut butter and outer hair like chocolate, thus the name Reeses. And he really does have those beautiful green eyes.  Two beautiful cats!

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