Friday, March 1, 2013


Cats have always fascinated me. Over the years I have been adopted by many, many felines, no two alike in colors, patterns or personalities. Some with pedigrees, others genetic mysteries but with a regal sense of who they were. They make wonderful models to paint and draw, perfect in every pose, sometimes exciting, pensive, and always mysterious!

This is a portrait of James, for this particular painting I worked from a photograph taken by the owner, Susan. It is a great photo because it shows a lot of the personality. I love the bow tie!! James is a very serious senior, quite sure he deserves only the best I'm sure. When I do a portrait I start with the eyes, if I can get the eyes correct the rest of the painting usually goes together quickly. I also try to use the same color of the eyes in the background. That helps make the eyes pop even more. Since the eyes are the heart of the painting, I always make the pupils larger and round. The painting is on a 6" x 6" x 1-1/2" thick gallery wrapped canvas. The thicker canvas lets me continue the painting on the sides. I like to do that because then the painting does not have to be framed, it can be hung on the wall or it will sit very securely on a flat surface.

I had a lot of fun painting James because he has such a beautiful face and I love his coloring!

This is the photo of James that I worked from for the portrait.

Here is the finished portrait of the very handsome James.

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